All Kiteboarding Instruction Packages And Lessons Include:

  • The latest kiteboard equipment with a focus on safety
  • Waterwear included with the lessons
  • Private one-on-one Instruction with extra support crew on the boat
  • 2-way radio helmets for constant instruction
  • Boat assistance if you need a rescue
  • Instruction conducted in a large, super safe, waist deep water areas, far away from land
  • IKO Card that certifies your achievement level and is the only certification card recognized worldwide

FREE INSTRUCTION! With us you get 3 hours of free instruction when you purchase a NEW Cabrinha full gear package.

A reservation is required.


Lesson Packages

We will teach you from whatever level you are at by evaluating your skills as soon as we hit the water.

If you’re looking for advanced, surfboard, foil or freestyle lessons, we have it all.


Contact us via text/call on

+1 305 834 0595 after you’ve made your reservation so we can prepare for your session.


"Basic" 3hr Lesson

In your first lesson, you will develop all the basic skills you need to start your path as a kiteboarder. Set up, safeties, water relaunching, basic kite piloting and your first body drags.

Starting at $410.00

*** We will be on the water for 3h30 – 4hrs


"Fast Track" 2x 3hr Lessons

The second lesson of your kite course we will turn on the power!

You will learn how to control your kite’s power by learning power strokes and body dragging upwind, then we will give you the board. Time for your first water starts!

*** We will be on the water for 3h30 – 4hrs


"Premium" 3x 3hr Lessons

The third lesson continues your training with the board.

Your short rides will become longer and more controlled. In time you will start to edge and travel upwind.

Welcome to kiteboarding!

*** We will be on the water for 3h30 – 4hrs


"The Complete" 4x 3hr Lessons

the 4th lesson will consist of board practice, work on your posture and learning to edge and staying upwind.

This is a fun day since you will be on the board most of the time learning to stay upwind.

*** We will be on the water for 3h30 – 4hrs


"VIP" 5x 3hr Lessons

The 5th lesson of the course is all about going upwind, learning to do turns without having to sit on the water. Once you are advanced enough, we will show you how to jump.

*** We will be on the water for 3h30 – 4hrs


Gear Rentals & Supervision

We carry only the latest Cabrinha gear. Come ride on 2021 gear and have a blast!
Boat taxi & waterwear included in the price.

Please call or text to book

+1 (305) 834 0595

*** We will be on the water for 3h30 – 4hrs