Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

What lesson package do you recommend for a beginner?
We recommend either the Addicted (9 hours instruction)or Get Hooked (6 hours instruction) packages. Check them out here.

If you have some previous wakeboarding or power kite flying experience you can learn the basics of kiteboarding in the Get Hooked package (6 hours instruction). If you do not have this experience we recommend the Addicted (9 hours instruction) package. Either package can be completed in 2 to 3 days. The days do not need to be consecutive and can be booked at your convinience.

We also recommend that if you do not have any wakeboarding experience you take a lesson at the Cable Park on a no wind day. Check out the Cable Park here.
How can I practice after I finish my lesson package?
You have two options: buy your own gear or rent gear in a supervised environment.

If you really enjoy kiteboarding and plan to progress quickly, we recommend that you buy your own gear. We offer you the best prices and discounts on kite gear packages after you have completed your lessons. 3 Hrs instruction included with any gear package purchase.

If you are not ready to buy your own gear, we rent all required gear to kiteboard in a supervised, flat, waist deep shallow water environment for a flat fee of $150 per day.
What can I expect during a beginner lesson?
A beginner lesson is about 2-3 hours long and teaches you to fly a small inflatable bow kite (6-9 sq. meters) surrounded by waist deep water. All equipment is provided for your safety including wetsuits, booties, floating sunglasses, helmets and your choice of waist or seat harness.

Because we teach in flat, waist deep water, your lesson occurs in the water right away with a small inflatable kite.Once your instructor has verified that you have good kite control skills, you are ready for the board.

Note that other schools that teach in challenging open ocean conditions instruct on the beach with foil trainer kites. Although learning with a foil kite will teach you the basics of flying a kite, it does not simulate the real situation of flying a powerful inflatable kite in the water.

Weather Frequently Asked Questions

What is the windy season in South Florida? How much wind can I expect?
The windy season is October to May. Typical wind is 15-20 mph (14-19 knots) 3 or 4 days per week. The windy days are usually consecutive.

Some wind is possible in the summer but note that unless a hurricane or tropical storm is approaching, a summer afternoon high wind forecast is due to thunderstorms and we do not teach during a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm will temporarily increase then greatly decrease the wind in the summer and creates unsafe kite flying conditions due to lightning.
What is the temperature during the windy season?
Most days are in the 76 - 87 deg F range (20 - 30 deg C). Water temperatures are in the same range. A few days in December and January may be slightly colder.

You will need a shorty wetsuit on most days and only the rare very coldest days will you require a full suit.

Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment should I buy after I finish my lesson package?
To kiteboard you will need:
  1. A kite complete with bar, lines, pump and storage bag
  2. A twin tip (bidirectional) board
  3. A harness (your choice of waist or seat models)
  4. Optional but highly recommended equipment includes booties, floating sunglasses, a helmet and a wetsuit.

Use the following table to select the correct kite equipment for you. The table assumes typical South Florida winds of 12-20 mph.

Rider Type Kite Size Board Length
Large (180-250 lbs) 12 - 16 sq. meters 140-160 cm
Medium (150 - 180 lbs) 10 - 12 sq. meters 135-150 cm
Small (100-150 lbs) 7 - 10 sq. meters 125-140 cm

We offer the best prices and discounts in the United States on Cabrinha, Ozone, Slingshot and Neil Pryde name brand gear. 3 Hrs instruction included with any gear package purchase.
What is the difference between a Bow (SLE- Supported Leading Edge) and a 'C' (LEI -Leading Edge Inflatable) kite ?
The main difference between a Bow (SLE- Supported Leading Edge) and a 'C' (LEI -Leading Edge Inflatable) kite is in the amount of instant depower of the kite. In general, you can instantly fully depower a Bow kite by letting go of the bar while a 'C' kite depowers only partially when letting go of the bar.

Bow kites are prefereable to C kites for instant depower safety reasons, especially in high wind.

Other differences include:
  • A C kite turns faster than a Bow kite in the same kite size
  • A Bow kite water relaunches more easily than a C kite
  • A Bow kite has an briddle system of lines aroud the kite to facilitate instant depower, a C kite is a simpler design and does not have this briddle system

Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions

How much wind can I expect during my stay?
The windy season is October through May. On average we get 3-4 windy days per week. A typical windy day is in the 12-20 mph wind range. If there is not enough wind, you can ride at the Cable Park. Low Cable Park rates are available for guests staying at our accommodations.
Do I need to rent a car?
Most people prefer to rent a car when they stay at our Affordable Luxury Accomodations. It is easier to get to the beginner learning areas on Key Biscayne and to the Cable Park.

Accomodations are a short walking distance to many supermarkets, restaurants and stores. The accomodations are also very close to the main advanced kiteboard launches on Dania and Hollywood beaches. Accomodations include use of mountain bicycles for getting to these destinations.

Note that the price of accommodations includes transportation to and from Ft. Lauderdale or Miami International Airports.
Where are your accommodations (rental rooms) located?
The rooms are located about 1 mile from the advanced ocean kiteboard launches of Dania Beach and Hollywood Beach. The accomodations are also a short 30 min drive to either the Cable Park or the flat, shallow water beginner learning areas in Key Biscayne. The Ft. Lauderdale International airport is about 2 miles from the rental rooms.

Directions to the accommodations are e-mailed to you along with your reservation confirmation.

What our clients say

Just excellent, feel fortunate do have met them and how good the experience was. I took 1 lesson first to try the service, then just went ahead and bought 4 more lessons. Worth every penny. Felt safe, well guided and excited about the progress. High quality equipment, tailored to my needs and to my progress. It felt very genuine how happy they were about me getting up and learning.
- Jaime Upegui. (Miami)
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