Why Take Lessons With Us?

One-On-One Instruction

When you are learning with us, you have an instructor beside you every step of the way. At the very most, you can share one instructor with yourself and a friend who is at the same skill level as you. Our goal is to teach you to gain confidence and ride in shallow water, by yourself. Once you are comfortable in shallow water and starting to ride upwind, you can try more challenging deep water conditions. Lesson Package Details

No Group Instruction

We never use group lessons to teach you how to kiteboard. Although some schools use group lessons to teach kite flying basics using training kites on land, that's about the most kiteboarding you should ever do in a group. Once you get in the water you absolutely need an instructor by your side giving you constant feedback and insuring your safety. Lesson Package Details

No Deep Water Instruction

We do all our instruction in waist deep shallow water sand bars, far away from land. It typically takes half the time (and money) to learn to ride in shallow water compared to deep water. Learning to ride upwind is the big challenge for beginners and shallow water is the easiest place to learn this skill. Lesson Package Details

Waist deep water has many other advantages over deep water:
  • If you fall off the board, no need to body drag upwind (and swallow lots of water) to get your board. Just walk to your board and try again!
  • No need to worry about wrapping your lines around some lawyer's kid on the beach, or about breaking waves or other riders. You are completely surrounded by water and there is much less danger of injuring people around you.
  • Once you are learning to get up and ride, no expensive support systems (boats, jetskis, or instructors swimming after you) are required to kiteboard. When you end up downwind, just stand up, grab your board and walk upwind. For riders learning to go upwind, we offer an optional service where you can be followed by a boat as you learn to ride upwind.

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