Melissa KiteMermaid

Melissa is our school General Manager and current owner of SFKB. IKO certified and licensed boat captain. She is very outgoing, patient and friendly. She speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Chris Bobryk

Chris is a Professional Kiteboarder sponsored by Best kites and now RRD. Chris has been to several competitions and has traveled to most kitespots around the world. Born in Michigan, he is America's favorite Kiteboarder. He has partnered with South Florida Kiteboarding and teaches all the advanced lessons. To find out more about Chris, click:


Alex has been instructing in South Florida for 5 years. He knows the area, and its common wind and weather conditions. He is studying to become a commercial pilot but loves to the water and teaches with us the remaining 4 days of the week that he isn’t studying.
Alex teaches in fluent English and Russian.


Marina is very patient with a lot of experience on kiteboarding. She speaks fluent English, Russian, Italian, German and Ukrainian.

Living in Miami, Marina is also the owner of Platinum Sun.

Stefan Pantu

Stefan is the founder of SFKB. He started SFKB on 2002, he has taught hundreds of students to kiteboard and windsurf. He started to kiteboard when "no one knew what it was and we didn't even have any inflatable kites". He is an IKO and PASA certified kiteboard instructor and USW certified windsurfing instructor. Stefan is also an FAA Certified Private Pilot. He is fluent in English, French and Romanian.

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