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Melissa is the current owner of SFKB along with Deme. Mel and Deme met a few years back on a kiteboarding beach in Mexico. Melissa whom was still a beginner, lost her board and Deme was there to help her find it. After that, they adventured around together and have kited amazing beaches all over the world. Now, they are the proud owners of South Florida Kiteboarding. "We love what we do. We want you to love it too!"

Our Mission

Our mission is to safely teach you to kiteboard and ride upwind in the least amount of time possible.

We are constantly thinking of new ways of making the learning process easy and safe for you, the student. That's why we spend the most money of any Florida school on boat-assisted support systems to get you to the easiest shallow water kiteboarding areas. We also use innovative instruction like the Cable Park to improve your board skills before you first attempt to ride a board with a kite. New teaching techniques are our speciality, we were the first to innovate with radio helmet instruction.

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Quality Instruction

All our instructors are IKO or PASA certified and have extensive training in kiteboard instruction. We pride ourselves in giving every student personalized one-on-one instruction. We don't recommend sharing an instructor but if you agree to do so, you and a friend who is at the same kiteboarding level as you can share one instructor.
We go through alot of effort to make sure that you are learning in a safe environment with the latest kiteboard equipment. All lessons are conducted in shallow water far away from land. We use "bow" style (SLE) kites exclusively for teaching because of their extreme depower and safety features. On request, we can also teach you to using the older "C" shape kites.
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