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2013 Cabrinha Clearance
Packages (Limited Quantities)
2014 Cabrinha Premium Package 2014 Cabrinha Ultimate Package
Cabrinha Switchblade or Vector Kite (Complete)

Cabrinha Board

Choice of NP Waist or Seat Harness

to $1999

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Cabrinha  Vector Kite (Complete)

Cabrinha Spectrum  Board

Choice of NP Waist or Seat Harness

9m $1999

12m $2099

14m $2199
Cabrinha Switchblade Kite (Complete)

Cabrinha Spectrum  Board

Choice of NP Waist or Seat Harness

9m $2399

12m $2499

14m $2599
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Your number one source for Kiteboarding - Kitesurfing in South Florida. We teach you in the easiest possible waist deep, flat shallow water conditions. Recommended lesson packages feature one-on-one or semi-private instruction. No one makes it easier to ride! For more info on what to expect during your lesson click here.

Don't know which kiteboarding school to choose? Check out why you should take kiteboarding lessons with us. This will explain how to accelerate your kiteboard learning experience. You can choose the lesson package that's right for you and make a kiteboarding lesson reservation here or call (954) 536-7512.

3 Day Wind Forecast And Real Time Wind

A good wind forecast is usually 15+ mph. We are proud to be one of the very few schools that have specially designed kites for light wind, so beginner lessons are possible with 10mph wind.

Note that unless a hurricane or tropical storm is approaching, a summer afternoon high wind forecast is due to thunderstorms and we do not teach during a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm will temporarily increase then greatly decrease the wind in the summer and creates unsafe kite flying conditions due to lightning.

Realtime (current) wind available for your PC or smart phone on a super accurate network of proprietary wind sensor technology available at WindAlert and
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